Managing your shows - in all aspects

Managing your artists and organizing the show program can be a quite time consuming task. We do that for you. Putting together the show order. Rehearsal schedules. Running the rehearsal. Getting the music well before the event and organize them. Communicate and coordinate with the artists. Getting there requirements for lights and probs. Make your life easier and focus on your event and the sales. We will do the show management for you.

Video Trailer

Only introducing your shows with a MC is so yesterday. Present your next upcoming show with a nicely produced individual trailer. We produce for each of your shows a unique piece of art creating the excitement your artists are looking for. If you want.

Compose your individual package

All those different services can be combined specifically for your event. You make your choice. Here is your advantage - you can get all those services out of one hand. No need to communicate (if they answer) witha multitud of people, artists and suppliers. Talk to us about your idea and we will be glad to make you a great offer which will for sure make your event different from others. And isn´t that the key for business success in a market where we all sell basically the same ? So, do not hesitate to contact us today. 

Teaching your people

Moe Flex is one of the funniest and most entertaining teachers in our community. Versatile, he owns all dances. He can teach literally all styles you ask for. From Cuban style to L.A. style. Reaggaton. Merengue. You name it. He teaches it.

MC - not so old school.

There are many ways to present your show program in the best and most entertaining way. Moe Flex is certainly one of the funniest and most experienced MC´s in our industry. Add some spice to your show program and book him as MC for your show program.

We entertain you.


Stand Up Comedy

Entertain your people. Everybody likes to laugh and be entertained in the best way. Give your people a break and make them laugh. Bring your show program to the next level and add some Stand Up Comedy. And yes, we can offer that too.

Scripted shows

Go beyond the ordinary. Surprise your participants. Create a nice frame in which you present your shows. Spice it up with scripted shows. We prepare everything for you. We create the videos. We write the scripts. We train your people and rehearse with them.

Overnight video documentary

Impress your people. Let´s face it - your participants love to see themselves on screen. In the age of internet and global connections there is nothing better then to show them what happened the day/night before. Almost in real time. Our videographer will tape the events and create overnight a short impressive documentary which you can show to your participants on your screen.

Creating the story

It is 2016. Your people want to see more then a number of shows. They want to be entertained. They want a story. They want to take home a unique experience, something they can talk about. We create for you the story of your event. The theme which brings everything together. Creating memories which last.

Light design & light operation

Ever asked yourself if there could be done more with the equipment you ordered ? Yes, indeed, it can. It is a matter of planning and programming. Of working long time ahead and prepare your shows individually. We prepare the scripts. We program together with the light operator. To make sure your shows are presented in the best light.

Our promise: Entertainment

You have already a great event and you are looking for more? We create true experiences for your participants. Check out all the different elements we can offer you, simply make your choice. It is menu you can choose from and make your favourite selection - the one which fits the best your event. Bring your event to the next level.

All the examples here below are REAL life examples, they already have been realized. Contact us for your individual package. Small budget, huge budget. It can happen at your event. We are FLEXibel. We are fast. We believe in modern communication and we answer you almost immediately. Test us.